Fall 2013 Class: Julius Caesar now enrolling

Posted by: on August 13, 2013
Monday evenings, 7-10pm
Sept. 9 – Oct 28 (No class Oct. 14)
7 Classes
limited to 10 students
Cost: $350
Julius Caesar is filled with intense private scenes, large rhetorical speeches, and many fantastic two person scenes.  Written before any of the high tragedies, but nearing the height of Shakespeare’s powers, the mostly regular verse will allow us to focus on some technical verse-speaking issues as well.  To top it off, we’ll conclude class with a group visit to St. Anne’s to see the all-female, punk-rock, set in an all-female prison version imported from the Donmar!
This class is for students already familiar with the nuts and bolts of Shakespeare verse, but looking to “stay in shape” with their Shakespearean chops.
Please send an e-mail to andy@shakespearegym.com if you are interested in enrolling.

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