Shakespeare created some of the most full-blooded, visceral, demanding roles ever written for the stage. Yet Shakespeare is often taught (and acted) academically, as something to be studied and “understood” before you’re allowed to act. The Shakespeare Gym attempts to reverse that process by working physically first – so that understanding comes from the body, not just the brain.

At the gym, you work your muscles to build strength and maintain flexibility. If you don’t use those muscles, you fall out of shape. This is also true of the actor’s muscles – if you you’re not continually training, you’re not in shape. Furthermore, some things you just can’t do on your own at home. Working on group exercises in a non-rehearsal setting allows the maximum focus on PROCESS. Without the pressure of heading towards an opening night, you can slow down and investigate the juiciest and most creative time of being an actor – a time that is often given the shortest shrift in the rehearsal room.

Shakespeare is like the Mt. Olympus of acting– the height of the language, the size of the emotions, the diversity of roles. If you can do Shakespeare, you can do anything.


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