I’ve never acted Shakespeare before.
Perfect. The Shakespeare Gym is for you.

I’ve performed in tons of Shakespeare productions before.
Perfect. The Shakespeare Gym is for you.

How many students are in the class?
Typically no more than 12 students.

How long is the class?
Typically three hours.

Where is the class held?
In a rehearsal studio  in midtown.

Is there rehearsal outside of class?
It depends. You are certainly expected to work on the material between classes – like the gym, once a week is not enough! Some classes require rehearsals with your fellow classmates.

What happens if I miss a class?
Unfortunately, because it is a group class, it is not possible to offer makeup classes.

I want to take the class but I don’t have all the money up front.
In some circumstances I can arrange payment plans.

I’m not sure which class would be best for me to take?
Give me a shout – we can meet for a half an hour and determine the best course for you.

I am interested. How do I proceed?
Contact me at andy@shakespeargym.com. After a conversation, we can determine which is the best class for you.