“Having trained in classical theatre in London as well as in many Shakespeare workshops over the years I can attest to Andy’s profound passion for Shakespeare, his knowledge and expertise. Shakespeare Gym enables the actor to free one’s self in the use of the language in order to more fully and freely “speak the speech!” In particular, Andy’s class helped me to make bolder choices through physical exploration of the text. I can think of no better way for the seasoned actor to the absolute beginner to bring Shakespeare’s rich language to life!”
– Lori Garrabrant

“I have never before witnessed so much growth in myself and in my peers as I have seen in this class. Andy directs a balance of movement and physicality with a keen sense of respecting the language as the source itself for inspiration. I’ve been able to transfer this approach not only with Shakespeare, but with modern work as well. I have never before had so much faith in myself and in my instructor.”
– Mina Vesper

“Shakespeare looms LARGE in the theater world and for actors and directors this fact can be daunting, overwhelming and intimidating. Andy’s Shakespeare Gym destroys all the myths and shrinks the ‘difficulty’ down to a manageable size. Through a series of exercises that works all the muscles (both physical and mental), Andy opens up the world of the plays like you’ve never experienced them before. These exercises become tangible tools for approaching the text that not only makes it fun but real and human. Shakespeare’s words become your words and the burden of ‘performance’ is lifted to allow you free expression of the character through the text. Is it challenging? Yes! Is it exhilarating? Yes! I found my experience in the Shakespeare Gym to be nothing short of transformative, as an actor, as a director, as a human being.”
– Lee Douglas

“Andy’s passion and love for Shakespeare is unbeatable and contagious! Monologues and scenes were FUN and manageable with the simple exercises he introduced to us which open the actor to finding the power of the words vocally and physically, understanding the character’s thought process, and letting the emotional process occur – all naturally. No judgment, no pressure: just plain straight-forward positive training. Acting Shakespeare has become much, much simpler. I’ve had a reverence for Shakespeare and his work, but my intimidation became a formidable obstacle when it came to acting. No longer. But more than anything else, Andy is a one of a kind teacher that supports and accepts the actors where they’re at, finding ingenious ways to release their potential. Everyone grew tremendously in the trusting and playful atmosphere he created, and we formed a Shakespeare ensemble in no time :) It’s helpful for everyone: actors, dancers, teachers, and directors. Do it!”
– Sarah Krokey

“Andy Goldberg’s Shakespeare Gym is perfect for anyone hoping to explore what makes Shakespeare so special – the language. Actors, teachers and the merely curious will find themselves connecting with the material in fun, active, and incredibly helpful ways. As someone who works in theatre education, this class really reinforced why I love Shakespeare, and helped me learn more ways to make it accessible to others. Andy is a fantastic teacher and I’ve recommended this class to all of my friends. Take it now — you won’t regret it!”
– Monica Weigel

“It is so amazing to be in a class with a person who has such a passion for what they are teaching! The exercises are so helpful in bringing the text to life, and so much fun, that any fear or resistance is obliterated!”
– Julie Leedes

“To be or not to be in Andrew Goldberg’s Shakespeare Gym class is the question and the answer is a resounding Yes! Andrew Goldberg’s Shakespeare Gym was an energetic fun filled class in which he taught how to break down the dialogue of Shakespeare and bring action and feeling to the text. His creative style of teaching used so many new techniques that I never even thought of which could be applied not only to the classical works but also contemporary pieces.”
– Craig Scribner

“The balance you gave us between group work and individual attention to exploration of monologues and scenes was wonderful…and rare! The exercises we worked on were not only helpful and revealing for study of Shakespeare, but I find they carry over into all other parts of the acting and music I’m working on…I learned so much!”
– Barbara Mundy

“Andy is one of those rare teachers who knows so much about what he is teaching that he can’t help but be open to all the methods, theories and approaches possible. He guides the actor with practical exercises but is open to questions, feedback, and pure discovery, together. He created an ensemble dynamic in the class and his lack of ‘teacher ego’ allowed me to connect with the pure joy of acting, and remember why I started in this whole crazy business in the first place. I definitely recommend getting to know Andy, and experiencing the playfulness, physicality, and practicality of Shakespeare Gym.”
– Athena Reich (Actress/singer/songwriter) www.athenareich.com

“As a professional actor, it had long been on my list of things to do to take a Shakespeare class- I want to have as wide a range as possible, and besides, I love Shakespeare! I was only a little bit hesitant because I was intimidated by the idea of it – it had been a long time since I’d even looked at Shakespeare and the idea of being in a class was scary!! But being in Andy’s class was so much fun!! It was a safe, non-intimidating environment, and I felt supported and encouraged to work just from where I was at. I really feel it was the first step to really discovering the world of Shakespeare, and I hope to continue to study and practice the exercises we learned to help me master the form. Now, I wont automatically ignore Shakespeare audition notices.”
– Jennica Carmona